Ivo Degn

Wow, what a day yesterday!
On the 2nd anniversary of Climate Farmers, we had the amazing privilege of co-hosting the launch of the Business Alliance for Regenerative Agriculture, along with our friends and partners Eosta BV / Nature & More.

And what a launch it was.
There is much to work out in the Regenerative Agriculture space.

We need harmonised frameworks, accounting methods and methodologies for the quantification of outcomes and to avoid greenwashing.

We are working on ways to bringing new farmers into agriculture and supporting others in their transition - including entire regions.
There is important work happening on policy-level, EU-wide and globally.

There is the ongoing deepening of the question what regenerative agriculture is NOT, and how it integrates with organic agriculture.

In preparation, we felt strongly that we couldn't tackle these issues without focus on the core and purpose of the issue: The mindset of regeneration - feeling part of and in service of a bigger whole. Working in trust and transparency with partners for the better of the system.
Ilana Wetzler helped us connect to the deeper layers of our work in a masterful way.

From the deep connection to the vision of a regenerative future, we went into the concrete technical discussions - what needs to be built, pioneered and thought through together? Who will take it forward, who will contribute?

We have a clear plan ahead, a great sense of community and purpose, and probably the biggest transformation ahead in at least many decades. Ready to go!

For me personally, maybe the most important outcome is the alignment of the organic and regenerative movement within this alliance - we're so clearly working towards a shared future!

What a team!
The incomparable Volkert Engelsman and his team, esp. Monique Mooij hosted beautifully at the Eosta BV / Nature & More headoffices in 'sunny' Waddinxveen, and guided us to the real challenges and important work that needs to be done.

Johannes Ebeling as the host of the Business Alliance for Regenerative Agriculture is going to collect the outcomes of the day, and lead the ongoing development of the alliance.
And of course our supporters Farm-Food-Climate, represented by Vanessa Gstettenbauer!

It was a privilege to have been able to be part of this. Thank you for your trust Volkert!

Martin Lok, Martine Van Weelden, Nadja Steinbach, Felix Huebner, Helmy A., Gero Leson, Vanessa Gstettenbauer, Andrea Vera, Hubertus Doms, Johannes Knubben, Robert Gerlach, Jan-Gisbert Schultze, Chuck de Liedekerke, Jens van der Veer, Prof. Dr. Martin R. Stuchtey, Tobias Bandel, Frederik Schulze-Hamann, Josefine Herz, Joost van Schie, Helene Maria Eulenstein, Daniël Jongejan


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