Willem de Rooij

What a great pleasure being able to travel back in Italy this week! #gratefull

(Although it does come with strict measures due to the continued Covid context).

Loved catching up with our Bologna based ZGS #team; Thus physically re-connecting with both 'old' as well as new colleagues. #PersonalConnections

And jointly building on our business forward.

Really enjoyed re-visiting numerous of our Italian long-standing business partners like SPREAFICO FRANCESCO & F.LLI SPA, Fruttital S.r.l. - Gruppo Orsero, Unacoa spa Salvi, Agrintesa soc. coop. agricola and APOFRUIT ITALIA SOC. COOP AGRICOLA. and experiencing the shared #ZespriKiwifruit 🥝 passion and dedication!

Amazing to see the investments our various partners are making in growing the #SunGold variety with us.

As well as the range of #sustainable paperbased #packaging alternatives being developed recently. #Guardianship


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