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Yesterday we had the honor to announce our club 9119. The name of this club corresponds to the number of days in approximately 25 years. Yesterday we achieved the special moment that no less than 10 colleagues have all been working at Aartsen Fruit & Vegetables for 25 years in the past year, so that is 250 years of Aartsen in total. Aartsen is extremely proud that the jubilees have radiated the nonstopfresh mentality for 25 years and are therefore part of the core that makes the Aartsen team so strong. A special moment to experience an unforgettable day together and to reminisce about beautiful memories. Only with the message that "something" was about to happen, the colleagues started a normal working day until they were asked to come along. The group of jubilees gathered at Aartsen's head office in Breda to be picked up by helicopter to fly to the beach of Rockanje. At an beautiful location, the glass was raised to the foundation of club 9119. At Aartsen we are not only continuously try to recruit new people, but we also do everything we can to keep good people at the club as long as possible. Retroactively, the club consists of 25 people and this club will only grow in the coming years. We call this nonstopfresh.


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