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Tycho Vermeulen

18,000 Hectares of reclaimed desert now in use for production of oranges. What an amazing sight! Agreen developed this site, using solar energy to pump water from wells that are naturally replenished by the river Nile. Still water is their main concern, causing them to reduce water use by a rough 70% over the past 5 years using soil sensors and model-based irrigation.

The oranges are produced for export as well as for the local market. We were invited by the Dutch logistical service provider Direct Source International to visit Agreen and meet the purchase-cooperative Superunie – representing 11 retailers. The direct sharing of information, prognoses and logistical information among these three organizations reduces loss and lag-time in the supply chain, creating benefit to all.

It was impressive to see how Agreen has made mass customization into an art – all investments are aimed at efficiency, high volume, low cost and meeting the quality and safety standards set by their customers.

We discussed how cooperation among Egyptian companies can help tackle sectoral challenges and create new opportunities in fields of crop protection, capacity development and training, sustainability (water management), R&D and Egypt-branding. Also challenges due to EU-phytosanitary regulation, general business climate in Egypt and logistics were shared.

With the Dutch organizations I engaged on their efforts on 'Trade with Impact' - Corporate Social Responsivity in all steps of the supply chain. Companies are very aware that international trade requires tangible positive impact for local communities and transparency to consumers and society. Sustainability challenges and growing protectionism tell us to continue to improve on this effort.

Thank you Arco Verweij for an inspiring visit and looking forward to further engagement with this business-trio.

Khaled El Banna Omar Latif NL-Masr Agri-food Network André Boer