Direct Source International BV

For more than 30 years producing table grapes, Fazendas
#Labrunier has 4 farms in the São Francisco river valley, Brazilian northeast region, with 877 hectares in production and 2.167 hectares in total. Through partnerships with the best genetic laboratories worldwide, Labrunier has the widest amount of #grape varieties in Brazil.

Water and soil are essential for grapes, therefore the proces is sustainable to the environment and local community where it operates. From fertilization with organic compounds to monitored irrigation.

The grape quality, the concern with the environment and respect to employees are widely proven by several international certifications, enabling our product to be shown in the best #supermarkets worldwide. The dedication and care are delivered to final #consumer as the sweetest, healthiest, freshiest and crispiest grapes. The brand Doce Uva comes in a beautiful and practical pack, making every moment of consumption simply delicious.

To deliver this #quality for the costumer, we work with on of the best sales partners worldwide, #DSI. DSI shares the same values of the company and literally deliver results. Since their start they are introducing the grapes in new markets and increasing the relevance, presence and mix of table grapes in the current ones.


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