Datum : 6-10-2020 - 6-10-2020
Locatie : Online en The Haag
Tijd : 9:30-18:00

On Tuesday October 6th - Herofestival  seeded by HortiHeroes & Impact City will take place. This is the moment where front-runners; startup & scale-up founders, intrapreneurs, innovation managers and captains of industry will team up with innovators from other industries and outside talent to accelerate innovation.

What is the Herofestival?

This edition will be about the future of work in the Food & Flower industry and will be launched as a hybrid event (limited access offline and widely online). We will be doing more than just talk, such as  networking, deep diving and co-creating in different sessions focussing on the theme:

Technology has revolutionized many aspects of e.g. cultivation, harvesting, grading, packaging, trading and transport in the Food & Flower industry. Innovative technologies are being integrated into work processes, but we need multidisciplinary teams with both industry expertise as well as TALENT with new skills in order to make the leap forward. At Herofestival 2020 we will give the ‘stage’ to innovators and ramp up collaboration within four sessions hosted by Jim Stolze.


Interactive session about the current challenges, ambition and tech solutions from other industries and startups to supercharge innovation in Food & Flower packaging and distribution. 

'Hardware needs humanware' To meet the challenges of modern automated fresh production with human-machine interaction, we need to be ambitious about attracting and developing talent with the required skills & mindset. 

INNOVATION BY INTRAPRENEURSHIP | The HortiHeroes Class of 2020 (14:00-18:00)
The heroes of the HortiHeroes Academy Class of 2020 have already taken a step out of their comfort zone, and will pitch where they've been working on for the past 9 months; new ventures that will innovate their organisation and the Food & Flower Industry. #Happy #Healthy #Hungerfree

UNMANNED GROWING CONCEPTS | Nominees pitches of the Topsector T&U Innovation Prize 2020 (14:00-18:00)

Nominated innovators for the Innovation Prize 2020 will be announced. They will pitch and co-create with industry partners to accelerate their promising ‘unmanned growing concepts’ to further automate cultivation, harvesting, grading and packaging in the greenhouse, open field, shed and/or vertical farm.

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