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🎉This month marks the 25th anniversary of Fairtrade bananas! The first bananas with the Fairtrade certification mark arrived in the Dutch supermarket on November 18th, 1996. These bananas came from the Volta River Estates in Ghana and are still certified today

🍌 Fast forward to 2021 and there are now more than 240 Fairtrade certified farmer cooperatives and plantations in 16 different countries, with more than 36,000 farmers and workers.

To celebrate, two of the first producers of Fairtrade bananas - Volta River Estates (VREL) in Ghana and ASOGUABO in Ecuador - look back on the early days of Fairtrade, and the impact on farmers and workers since then. Read more: http://fairtr.de/kx1

📷 by: i Steef


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