Frank Vermeersch

🍌🍌are a rewarding object to work with creatively, just think of Andy Warhol who, in 1967 designed the most iconic banana ever on the cover of the Velvet Underground & Nico first album. More recently in 2019 we had Maurizio Cattelan shaking up the world by asking $ 120,000 for his duct-tape banana to a blank wall,and the contrversary caused by fellow artist David Datuna eating the banana in question.

In short the🍌does not leave us unmoved, certainly not in the case of improving the living conditions of the communities that depend largely on the banana trade.

That is why we also like to support innitiatives like Graffiti & Bananas by donating free banana, where visitors were given the opportunity to unleash their creativity on the Oké organic Fairtrade bananas. 

Pictures: Sandro E.E Zanziger & klaudia Kredlehner

A special thanks to our Austrian partner Bruno Melchart GmbH for making this logistically possible. Also thanks to for their continued support.


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