Lucas Lammers

Last sunday my father, 3rd generation at LC Packaging and one of our 3 sons Joris Lammers , hopefully 5th generation at LC Packaging, took our bikes for a ride. Nothing special, unless you realize my father is 85 years old. And where we want to stop after 200 km. he just gets warmed up he says. Needless to say you need some luck to reach such an age in good condition but next to luck and good genes, I personally think its also a mental issue. In his working life at LC Packaging my father always saw work as a challenge. How far can we stretch ourselves and what can do better. And the more complicating things became, the more challenging it became and the bigger the satisfaction of achievement. One thing is sure; if you don't try it, it will never happen. At the age of 85 is he still the same showing if your put your mind to it, everything is possible.


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