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International open day proeftuin Randwijk

Data: 18-8-2017 t/m 23-6-2017
Tijd: 10.00 tot 17.00 uur
Locatie: Proeftuin Randwijk, Lingewal 1 Randwijk

Extra informatie:
On August 18th, 2017, Proeftuin Randwijk organizes its first open day for international colleagues.
The program consists of a combination of tours, demonstrations and a business market. Among other things, ther will be attention for the Natyra® apples grown under nets and for water supply systems. There will also be attention for different mutants and varieties. The focus is on apples. Also demonstrations will be given, with attention being paid to emission-limiting techniques. During the breaks, a visit to the business market is possible while enjoying something to eat and to drink.

The program is as follows:
10.00 Welcome and start business market
10.30 Opening and start guided tours & demonstrations
17.00 Business networking.
The spoken languages on this day are German and English.

Entrance fee:
For supporters and sponsors of Proeftuin Randwijk, access is free. For others, the entrance fee is € 50, -, this includes a snack and a drink.

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